Cost of cambelt repairs- A Review

For a lot of car owners, one of the most frustrating and infuriating experiences when it comes to car maintenance is when their cambelt, or timing belt, breaks. The cambelt is an essential part of the car’s engine which controls the timing of the valves, and while normal wear and tear can cause it to break, there are still a number of other reasons why your cambelt can fail. The problem is, this process can be expensive, because unless you’re a mechanic yourself, you won’t have the know-how or the specific tools needed to change the cambelt safely and properly.

Unless you have a trustworthy mechanic, you might find yourself dipping deeply into your pockets to change or repair your cambelt. However, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind should you find yourself in this particular situation of needing to change the cambelt in your car. .Browse this site listing about  Cost of cambelt repairs

Generally, the cambelt itself is quite cheap; you can find one for around £10-£20, or around £40 if you’re getting the cambelt with a tensioner kit. It is actually the labor fee that your mechanic will charge that will jack up the price. Car dealerships will charge around £80 per hour, but your local service garage can go as low as £50. Unless you do have a regular mechanic that you deal with, it’s always a good idea to canvass around and ask for estimates before signing up with any one garage.